Where is Gen X moving to?

Well, since most Gen Xers are single/divorced (over 70%), they sure aren’t looking to settle down in a family-oriented neighborhood. Here are the top 10 cities that Gen Xers are migrating to:

1. Orlando: An abundance of new tech jobs and limitless entertainment are hard to resist.
2. Las Vegas: The entertainment and affordable living capital.
3. San Francisco: Diversity, entertainment and hundreds of great dining experiences.
4. Denver: The outdoor entertainment capital.
5. Charlotte: Another job creation machine with great nightlife and outdoors.
6. Ft. Lauderdale: Notice the theme? Gen Xers follow entertainment, companies follow Gen Xers.
7. Raleigh: Affordable, affordable with lots of jobs in the Research Triangle.
8. Phoenix: Affordable, cutting edge nightlife, Silicon Valley outgrowth.
9. Portland: One of the cleanest cities in the U.S., more breweries than any other as well.
10. Atlanta: Gen Xers just can’t seem to stop talking about this city’s new edge… plus more job growth than any other city.

Where are they leaving from? Orange County CA, Buffalo NY and Baltimore MD. The former two don’t have much nightlife or edge, though Baltimore may make the list in a few years.

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