The future workplace

A national workforce survey this month reveals a desire for the evolution of the decentralized, distributed workplace as isolated office parks continue to suffer vacancies:

54% seek stable income outside the conventional work structure
86% cite work/life balance & work fulfillment as #1 career priority  
73% are were willing to curtail careers to make time for family
96% are attracted to employers who offer ways for them to make time for personal responsibilities and personal development such as flex-time, job sharing and telecommuting.

The Dilbert-rat race-cubicle-9-to-5 corporate office world is becoming increasingly outdated, even intolerable, as people are finding better, more livable ways of getting more done with a whole lot less stress and monotony.

*Spherion Corp. and pollster Harris Interactive survey of 3,278 people age 18 years or older and employed full-time

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