The distributed, decentralized workplace

How’s this sound if you have a current 9-5 job:

Monday: – “It’s been a long weekend – I sure feel like working at home this morning.”
Tuesday: “I woudn’t mind a 15 door-door commute to my company’s satellite office.
Wednesday: “I should meet up face-face with some people at my company’s headquarters, even though it’s 45 minutes door-door.”
Thursday: “I’ve got to sleep in. I’ll just work late at the office today.”
Friday: “I’m going in early so I can take off at 3:00 pm.”
Friday alternate: “I’m glad I put my hours in earlier so I can take off Thursday evening for my bi-weekly three-day weekend!”

Based on yesterday’s survey trends, not only are today’s more progressive companies (Sun, E&Y, AT&T) providing flexible hours, but they’re also providing flexible workplaces. Too good to be true? Stay tuned this week.

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