Modern workplace trends

This summary of workplace trends is brought to you by a long-time associate of mine, John Vivadelli, CEO of Agilquest which focuses on enabling modern workplaces.

Telework/Telecommuting allows employees to work from home or a telework or touchdown center. Teleworkers generally work off-site 2-3 days per week, and are linked to the office by cell phone, laptop and/or email. To reap the full benefits of teleworking, organizations often implement office hoteling in conjunction.

Office Hoteling is the practice of providing office assets to employees as a dynamic pool of reservable resources. When an organization “hotels”, its mobile employees reserve workspaces and resources through a real-time reservation system of a first-call basis.

Telecenters are conveniently located work facilities with on-site managers and sophisticated communications technology. They are typically shared between organizations to reduce overhead costs.

Office Suites provide fully equipped office space on a short-term lease basis. Many corporations use office suite providers for overflow (when too many employees are in the office at once), or for mobile workers who need to work in an area where a branch office is not located.

Virtual Offices are offices that travel with mobile employees. Virtual office workers rarely require dedicated office space since their office is a network of communication devices, voice mailboxes and hotel rooms.

Free Address/Free Ranging is the practice of assigning offices or workstations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Similar to office hoteling, free address/free ranging normally lacks an organized reservation system.”

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