Recreation in the city (naturally)

Many joggers would love to run through a scene like this every morning. In Washington DC, you’d have to live in the heart of the city to do so.

CoolTowns are not all about urbanity – it’s about balance, diversity and yes, entertainment and recreation. The best towns have a greenbelt corridor, usually along a natural waterway, that allows the most urban dweller a job, skate or bike ride for 25 miles completely immersed in nature, just like Rock Creek Park in DC, an eight minute jog from my home.

It’s also a giant playground: soccer, picnics, hiking, biking and rollerblading, tennis, fishing, horseback riding, concerts, star gazing and even rock climbing.

The park’s most popular feature unfolds when the roads going through the park are closed on weekends and holidays, providing a thoroughfare of joggers, bikers and skaters – a welcome site compared to what it looks like during weekday rush hour.

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