Investing in local retail

If you’ve been tracking the local vs. national retail economic impact numbers, you may want to know just how to bring in the best local retailers that outshine even the top-performing nationals.

You need to start with the best talent…and they can be found with the right talent agents. Here are a few that these progressive CoolTown investors are looking to form a collaborative work team with:

National Main Street Center: No organization is more involved in revitalizing main streets, nor does anyone have a larger network of future retail entrepreneurs to find talent in.

Michael Shuman: He wrote the book on growing local businesses, literally: Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age

EntreWorks Consulting: Focused on the fast-growth trend of entrepreneurial economic development, this firm builds entrepreneurial communities that prosper from collaborating its assets.

Finally, a “casting director” from a firm that specializes in building main streets of local-only retailers.

How does this all come together? That story is outlined, but yet to be published.

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