It’s the schools, stupid!

While kids love people-oriented*, walkable, entertainment-rich towns, their “bosses” (parents) won’t have any of it if the schools are sub-par.

CoolTown prosperity revolves around lasting community building bulit through relationships (e.g. guilds, third places), and good schools are no different. Just as guilds focus on groups of people with common interests, so are the “academies” at Edison Schools, where groups of kids are taught by the same four-six teachers over two-three years in order to build bonding relationships. Also, just as guilds need training/expertise support and advanced telecommunications infrastructure to help them grow, these academies have an extensive training program for teachers and state-of-the-art technology provided by IBM. It’s track record of success is extensive.

Another great model is the KIPP Schools, which focuses on intensive training for teachers and college preparation. The program grew with assistance from the founders of the Gap, another pioneer in creativity.

Find out more this week on how CoolTown schools will be leaping ahead.

*as opposed to car-oriented

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