The Charter: The Neighborhood

Today the blog focuses on the second of three key components of the charter as it relates to job growth.

The neighborhood, the district, and the corridor:

The neighborhood is at the heart of the charter’s principles. It also covers the ‘district’ and the ‘corridor’, but mainly to be comprehensive. “Neighborhoods should be compact, pedestrian-friendly, and mixed-use.” “Many activities of daily living (and working) should occur within walking distance.” “Within neighborhoods, a broad range of housing types and price levels can bring people of diverse ages, races, and incomes into daily interaction, strengthening the personal, (economic) and civic bonds essential to an authentic community (and local economy).” “Concentrations of civic, institutional, and commercial activity (entrepreneurial centers) should be embedded in neighborhoods and districts, not isolated in remote, single-use complexes (e.g. office parks).” “A range of parks, from tot-lots and village greens to ballfields and community gardens, should be distributed within neighborhoods.” Quality of life.

Image of Madeira Beach, Florida plan courtesy of DPZ & Company

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