Why are resort towns so pedestrian-oriented, so cool?

To answer that, it may be best to ask one of the pioneers of progressive town planning, Andres Duany of DPZ & Company. Here’s his response just today:

Resort towns have the responsibility of being better than daily towns. People will not go on holiday unless the experience is better, more like their ideal than their regular places. Resorts are the most interesting experimental sites. We can always push the envelope further as people will risk new behavior modes for short periods of times in ways they would not commit to permanently. They are test beds for urbanism. They are also important because many people can cycle through them and experience what they are offering. Some of the things that prove to be popular can then be safely downloaded into regular towns. Resorts can grow into real cities and are therefore a valid model, even conventionally. Miami and Miami beacg were conceived as resorts, as was Berkeley.

You can view some of the resort towns his firm designed here.

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