Learning from resort main streets

Look ma, no cars! See yesterday’s blog to better understand why.

Look ma, no chains! Well, mostly no chains. Real estate journals publish that main streets should have at least 70% Mom & Pops. Why? Simply because Mom & Pops do better financially. Why? See yesterday’s blog.

…then there’s not learning from resort main streets.

OK, so there’s little diversity in these residential resort towns – everyone kind of looks the same and the cars you do see are either SUVs or built in Germany. That’s mainly because the people who ‘live’ in resort towns don’t need jobs and aren’t dictated by such. Meanwhile, many of today’s middle-class jobs are supplied in auto-oriented office parks and the ‘burbs, and housing has stayed auto-oriented as well.

However, there’s a new trend afoot – workplace resort villages – where people ‘escape’ to build their own businesses, except instead of the mountains, these entrepreneurs prefer the 24-hour adventures of the city.

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