Ah, to be an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur: A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. American Heritage Dictionary

Kind of hard to build, grow or improve anything signficiant without them, don’t you think? Yet when you tell someone you’re an entrepreneur, their first reaction is, “Really?!”

Now why is that?

The American Dream for foreigners is and always has been, “come to America and build your very own business.” Sounds great huh? Yet the typical domestic American Dream is to “own a big single-family house in the suburbs with two cars, a TV, a front and back yard with white picket fence, working for a large corporation that provides a large steady paycheck”…just like everyone else in your cookie cutter neighborhood.

Hmm, this manufacturer-oriented American Dream didn’t exist before the 1939 World’s Fair, when General Motors introduced freeways in the World of Tomorrow, the national homebuilders association introduced suburbia (ie mass production of homes), and TV made its formal introduction as well.

Time for another world’s fair, this time to reintroduce the true American Dream of running your own business, making your own schedule and living, working and playing where you want, when you want, how you want. Ah, to be an entrepreneur.

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