In the news: Francis Ford Coppola’s CoolTown

Perhaps we’ll be able to see a next generation CoolTown in less than two years – on the big screen. The director of the Godfather is researching the ‘coolest cities’ around the world (e.g. Curitiba, Brazil) in writing a script for his next movie, ‘Megalopolis’, inspired by the 1936 movie of H.G Wells’ “The Shape of Things to Come.”

From CBS News:

“I’m not looking for Flash Gordon or fantasy or Star Wars. It’s ‘what’ will people 100 or 500 years from now be living in and what will it be like?”, says Coppola.

In Coppola’s vision, there will have to be streets designed for people to walk, not for cars to race. Mass transit will be essential, as will the basics of power generation and water purification. But the people won’t need many offices or factories. In Coppola’s city of the future, drudgery is banished.

People will need space to create, and most dwellings will have workshops or craft space appended. They’ll also need spaces to enjoy the creations of others, from art galleries to playhouses.

There will be areas of research and study, and areas for sharing what you’ve learned with others. There will be places of celebration where people can mark the milestones of life, and places of perfecting where they can maintain their health, body and spirit.

“We will work out our dwelling spaces so they are really comfortable,” but not necessarily so big. “More and more of our ‘stuff’ is becoming digital and people are going to have less stuff,” and the need of space to store it. “Places will become more programmable, more customizable,” Coppola said.

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