So what is a ‘cooltown’, really?

Here’s one dictionary definition: Cool – (informal) very good.

Now, in no shape or form are we going to define cool for anyone, especially when building a community. No, that ain’t too cool, though unfortunately that’s the way it’s been for decades now – ‘we will build it and you will come’.

The CoolTown Studios methodology in developing communities is to involve the most innovative, entrepreneurial, active, creative, passionate people, the ones already most associated with the word cool. We’re essentially seeking the responses to one question: “So, what kind of town do you think is cool?” Thus the name of this web site, and the content that you see.

Then again, we could have gone with hip, tight or sweet, but we know those words are temporary.

We do know the that the words associated with cooltowns are: ambition, desire, aspiration, romance, openness, diversity, energy, authenticity, creativity, dreams, and heart. How we get there exactly is up for interpretation.

What about the word ‘Studios’ in this web site’s heading/company name? See the next entry.

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