Cool towns + ‘hollywood model’ = CoolTown Studios

CoolTown Studios and the content on this daily blog represent the growing trend of creatively entrepreneurial urban villages that are filling the emotional and financial holes in people’s lives.

It’s oftentimes difficult to explain this vision. While it’s far easier to understand by people who have lived and worked in places like Greenwich Village, Cambridge and the West Bank of Paris, perhaps learning the meaning behind CoolTown studios will help.

‘Cool’ – as defined on Monday’s blog, is taking the collective definitions of ‘cool’ by future tenants and residents and translating that into a…

‘Town’“any large, closely populated place; an urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller than a city”. We’re not talking about building cities (that takes decades), or neighborhoods (usually just housing), but places you can live, work, shop, play and learn with an identifiable town center.

‘Studios’ – as defined on Tuesday’s blog, is based on the increasingly popular and effective customization-oriented hollywood model of bringing the best people together with the best leadership to create the best product. Efficient, cost effective, inspiring, fun and often prolific.

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