CoolTown piazza 4: The eclectic nightclub

The things a CoolTown piazza can’t be without:

The eclectic nightclub – Nightlife is a must for the creative – entrepreneurial market, and for many the night doesn’t begin until the morning. If you’re the only nightclub in town, then you need a minimum of three stories to play three genres of music – whether it’s hip hop, r&b, house, techno, trance, salsa, ‘new swing’ or that 70s, 80s, 90s stuff. Why? Just ask any creative – entrepreneur what kind of music they like – “Everything” is the typical answer.

Since this is in a CoolTown piazza and not in a shady industrial area of the city where the rents are low and the safety factor is even lower, the place has to be intimate, and it has to double as a restaurant/bar during the evenings. In fact, you can start the dancing early with salsa and swing dance lessons on each floor. One untapped opportunity, based on seeing some of my friends dance (I don’t think they read this…), is a hip hop class that teaches rhythm.

Tall ceilings. Bare bones interior design. Nightly drink specials. No dress code. No cover charge.

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