CoolTown piazza 5: Movie theaters

The things a CoolTown piazza can’t be without:

Movie theaters – There are several reasons why movie theaters can be the centerpiece to making a CoolTown piazza a true destination:

1. It will single-handedly bring hundreds of people out at night (away from their couch and TV sets.) They’d then be within a mecca of food, entertainment and social opportunities.

2. It promotes diversity – see point #4 of this previous CoolTown blog.

3. In Europe’s oldest cities, monumental churches anchored the piazzas. The U.S.’s religious diversity doesn’t support the notion of a single church forming the basis of a community. People studying religion have written theses underscoring theaters as the strongest draw to attract people to one location consistently, as churches become smaller and more ubiquitous.

4. You can even show a movie inside a piazza!

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