Now that’s fast pizza

In Bologna, Italy I came across what appeared to be the busiest establishment in the city (I should know, I walked throughout the entire central town). The reason: Good food, very inexpensive, fast service.

It reminded me of the ‘Nazi soup kitchen’ from Seinfeld, where you followed a strict routine to order and pick-up, otherwise you’d get a lot of angry stares. The adrenalin was flowing as I carefully scanned the menu and planned my attack, in Italian and all.

First you order – “due margherita con mozzarella”, or “two of the popular tomato and cheese” slices that most people get. The mozzarella is made fresh daily in Italy, as a rule, and it makes all the difference in the world. The texture is more like melted chocolate than the dairy glue they use at Pizza Mart.

You get a receipt, move sideways down the line, give the pizza server your ticket, take your pizza and get the heck out of the way.

Total: $2.50. They should have one of these in every CoolTown…

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