The Spanish Square in Rome

This is one of my favorite third places in Rome, the Piazza Di Spagna, or the Spanish Square. The area is most commonly known as the Spanish Steps (the actual steps are to the right, off picture), as highlighted in yesterday’s entry.

Notice the amount of street life even at 40 degrees F. The Piazza Di Spagna’s grand stairs, the neighborhood-sized piazza shown here, and another more intimate one facing it provide a vibrant stage for city life. Then there’s this view facing the stairs – a grand mall of stores (albeit way too pricey for most creatives and entrepreneurs.) A friend of mine also tells me they have a nightly group bar hop in the piazza.

In the summer, all you’d see and hear in the piazza would be hundreds of diners chatting on dozens upon dozens of outdoor tables, day and night, with nary a car in sight.

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