Q&A: How do you attract the anchor R & D tenants?

This is a more specific question related to job creation, asking how a city can attract the large companies that bring in hundreds or thousands of jobs in one shot.

Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said it best, “Keep your tax incentives and highway interchanges, we will go where the highly-skilled people are.”

Think about it, if you’re the CEO of a company that’s based on innovation (Research & Development), you’d conclude that you need to go where the innovation-minded people are… and you’ll find them in only the most innovative, or should I say coolest of towns.

So, this question is kind of like asking, “How do I write a play in French?” – when you don’t know French. First things first, build a place that attracts innovative-minded people (ie a CoolTown), and then you’ll attract innovative companies (ie big R&D companies). Works for Dublin, Ireland.

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