CoolTown Guild: The Kentlands Initiative

The CoolTown Guild is the talent pool by which these CoolTowns can and will be built.

Upon walking up to a CoolTown, one of the most striking features will be the visual sense that this is a mecca for creativity. The goal is to produce the same physical experience and wonder as when you walk down the streets of Paris or Venice for the first time, or if kids could walk through Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.

That’s the goal. The modern reality unfortunately is far different, but one man who is helping reinvent reality is Joe Alfandre of The Kentlands Institute, and founder of Kentlands, an award-winning benchmark of craftsmanship and community for everyday people. Craftsmanship. When’s the last time that word meant something in a new neighborhood?

OK, so Kentlands is in the ‘burbs and it doesn’t have a signficant workplace element, but hey, that was 15 years ago and Joe’s going beyond Kentlands in his next projects.

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