Live-work unit models

So what do the urban loft and storefront townhouse actually like? How are they configured? How big should they be? Town planners DPZ & Company partnered with Beazer Homes to actually build the answers. Check out the units and dimensions here. Find out more than you may want to know here.

Keep in mind that these are enormously expensive units – they were built for a trade show so you could say they’re a tad ‘showcasey’. The costs are also greatly augmented by the parking and courtyard. Nonetheless, they’re good models as far as understanding space requirements and configurations. The urban loft is referred to here as a ‘live-within’, and the storefront townhouse as a ‘live-above’. There’s a third model, the ‘life-span’ house, for people who want to stay in the same place from their 20s to their 80s, but let’s assume that’s not going to be a very popular choice.

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