Why ‘ugly’ is still valued by creatives…

…and that is to attract only the most creative people. Creative prejudice if you will. For instance, the 9:30 Club is by far the hottest venue in Washington DC for big-name live rock bands in a small venue, but it may very well be the ugliest building in the city as well (image) in a neighborhood not recommended to be walking alone in. Because of this, some say the club only attracts die-hard music fans, the same people that feel a place is ‘ruined’ once it’s discovered by suburban yuppies wanting to ‘get dirty’.

Ah, the irony though. The 9:30 Club also has the most mainstream bands.

Instead, one should seek a place that has dozens upon dozens of inspiring (as in not ugly) places to play and hear live music. Like New Orleans. The true artists and musicians are constantly checking out the new and undiscovered – and because this unknown talent isn’t drawing top dollar, there’s no financial reason to stick them in the ugliest buildings. Save that for the mainstream crowd.

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