It’s the people AND the place, stupid!

Just in case anyone might be offended, that’s a take off of Clinton’s “It’s the economy, stupid!” campaign as a reminder to the staff of what was important.

Every ‘place’ has its underlying ‘essence’ or getalt that makes it cool – and it takes a knowing eye I suppose, to capture what that is, whether it’s the outside or inside, with people or not with people. The coolest places are often best captured from the inside with people, not the outside without people as imagery is often communicated.

Tonight I joined a happy hour group of Gen X/Y planners/designers, looking over one person’s travel photographs. A self-described “non-planner” commented, “How interesting, when I travel, I just take pictures of people. For your field, these are of just the buildings.” For CoolTowns, it has to be both.

Pictures to send me, anyone?

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