The 12 Most Walkable Cities

I must admit the foot people really put in some extensive criteria to come up with the 12 most walkable cities. Here’s my take on walking through their ‘winners’:

New York, NY: You’d walk too with such a comprehensive subway taking you to hundreds upon hundreds of dining, shopping and entertainment choices.
Philadelphia, PA: It has one of the most village-like atmospheres of any of the big cities.
Chicago, IL: Like NY, although the strolls are not as intense as Manhattan’s jam-packed sidewalks.
Madison, WI: One of the best-planned small towns in the country, designed for convenient walking (before the auto era) – and it shows.
Washington, DC: With probably the cleanest and safest subway in the world, I don’t even find myself needing a zip car in my homebase. It helps that my commute is five blocks.
Honolulu, HI: My home state – it’s gotta be the weather, because you really can’t get anywhere without a car here. Although, there’s always Aloha Tower
San Diego, CA: With great weather and the only place with city-wide wireless internet, who needs to commute? They’re really focused on their light rail and destination entertainment venues as well.

San Antonio, TX: The Riverwalk is a walking destination unto itself.
Don’t know much about Jersey City, NJ; St. Louis, MO and El Paso, TX… anyone?

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