“How do we implement the future of work?”

This is the second of two key questions asked at the First World Congress on the Future of Work last week:

The answers, based on the vision highlighted in yesterday’s blog:

one: Promote technology that actually works, from video-conferencing to collaborative software to workstation furniture, and demonstrate working models. This is one of my favorite resources for real examples.

two: Build more open plan workplaces that encourage a sense of community at the office, creativity at home and even ‘workplaces’ in between (i.e. third places). Demonstrate working models.

three: Develop communities that provide live/work/play as ‘one-stop shops’ (dry cleaning, gyms, child care etc.) for both corporate employees and independent workers. Study what new types of communities are forming around independent/distributed workers (at a cafe, library, work club, etc.)? Take advantage of the diversity of experience represented in such communities. Build working models.

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