The challenge: Collaborative CoolTown support groups

So, how does one get the CoolTown-oriented support groups of future tenants, municipalities, universities and investors/developers to collaborate? This is where true public-private partnerships come in, that is, a new business (ie joint venture) created from these entities.

Much of Silicon Valley’s monumental economic rise can be attributed to such a joint venture. In fact, it was (and still is) called Joint Venture Silicon Valley, with government, business, education and citizens engaged in building a strong economy and quality of life through policy change, educational reform, etc. Collaborative Economics, a CoolTown Guild member, specializes in building such large-scale groups.

However, since most CoolTown-interested clients are looking at a specific site, this makes the process so much simpler and easier – theoretically… establish a public-private partnership development team to build a CoolTown. The four main entities of the team? See yesterday’s blog.

Image: A result of Joint Venture Silicon Valley thinking.

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