Applying ‘Not So Big’ to CoolTown homes

By the way, in reference to yesterday’s blog, here’s Sarah’s link to the not so big house as applied to communities.

While the examples in The Not So Big House (NSBH) are generally single-family homes in the countryside, the not so big design principles are ideal for CoolTowns:

Open floor plan As in the rooms not being ‘compartmentalized’. The kitchen blends into the dining area, blending into the living room. At parties, people gravitate to the kitchen anyway – it’s the hearth of the home, and it should be designed as such.

Built-in window seats and book shelves This not only saves space, but adds a tremendous amount of character and utility to the room as well.

Personal touches This means feeling free to paint relief on stairwells or murals on walls, or that funky color you always wanted for your kitchen. Stop thinking about ‘resale value’ and live in the home as you really want it.

Privacy Sarah suggests an ‘away room’ to escape everything. Keep this in mind for one of the bedrooms in a 2+ BR unit. For even smaller homes this can be a luxury, but the value of being in a NTSB community is that you can find these getaways in your own neighborhood.

Alcoves Rooms within a room. For instance, with wireless technology, we really don’t need, or want computer rooms, but alcoves to work here and there throughout the home.

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