Why is small so cool?

McMansions are out. Small is in.

Smaller homes. Smaller schools. Small towns. Smaller workplaces (ie home office nooks vs. corporate campuses), roads, stores, cell phones, laptops, ipod minis, cars, egos, etc. Going from the industrial mass production age to the knowledge age, we’re finding we can do a whole lot more with a whole lot less.

In the coming weeks, I’ll take you back to the future through a tour of the kinds of places that represent this trend. In the meantime, here’s a contemporary hint of that future : It’s the floor plan of the loft designed by Tag Front, featured two days ago. Now you can see how the home is actually nestled into the firm’s office. Also, notice that the bedroom has a sliding wall that makes opens up to enlarge the living room. With a fold-out bed, one could have quite the dinner party. Btw, homes in Japan have long relied on this to maximize their home space and flexibility.

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