Great live/work neighborhoods are about choice

What time shall I wake up for work tomorrow? Shall I walk or drive to work today – should I go into the main or satellite office? Which route do I feel like taking – the one with the grocery store on the way to pick up some orange juice, or the one through the park? Do I even want to go to work today and just finish up this evening instead?

Do I go to the corner market to buy a few things, or drive to the supermarket to load up for a couple weeks? Watch an independent film down the block, or take the subway to see the blockbuster at the megaplex? Salsa dancing up the street or swing dancing in the next neighborhood via transit?

Eat at the cafe around the block, stop by the grocery down the street to get ingredients for a quick meal, invite a friend for dinner, walk over to a friend’s for dinner?

Just a taste of a day in the life for the creative, entrepreneurial individual in a CoolTown.

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