Every town needs a Jane Jacobs

People who know Jane Jacobs view her as a hero. People who haven’t heard of her need only read her classic book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, to understand why.

The book helped government officials and residents alike understand for the first time why some places felt safe and vibrant, while others were neglected and abandoned. The lessons still ring very true today, which explains why the book is still in print since 1961.

She recently returned to one of the neighborhoods she helped revitalize… Greenwich Village, an American model for a CoolTown if there ever was one.

Every town needs a Jane Jacobs. Unfortunately, every town has a bunch of Robert Moses instead, prompting Jane to publish her latest book, Dark Age Ahead.

In a CoolTown,
the Robert Moses of the world,
can’t survive,
while the future Jane Jacobs of the world,
absolutely thrive.

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