The Entrepreneurial League System

It’s all about building relationships.

Building a place for creative entrepreneurial people to live and work is part of the story. Helping them build truly meaningful relationships to succeed individually and as a community is just as important, and what the Entrepreneurial League System® (ELS) provides.

Known as the branded version of the entrepreneurial development system described yesterday, the ELA provides these key services:

The Talent Scout identifies and recruits the entrepreneurs for the community.

The Diagnostician assesses the entrepreneurs and assigns them to the appropriate league level.

The Performance Coach develops their individual mental and emotional skills one entrepreneur at a time.

The Success Team Manager brings together small groups of entrepreneurs at similar skill levels and markets to share ideas, resources and moral support.

The Alliance Broker works to create business alliances among entrepreneurs in the system,

The General Manager integrates the entrepreneurs and their service providers into a cohesive system, an identifiable entrepreneurial community if you will.

My favorite ELS (R) service is provided by the Opportunity Scouts, whose function is to actively identify new market opportunities and link them to entrepreneurs. This is actually what Cooltown Studios does, linking people who want to live and work in cool towns with the people who want to build it for them.

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