Merging the “EDS” with a CoolTown

So what happens when the entrepreneurial development system (EDS) is integrated into a CoolTown?

You get fast and slow. Imagine the people of Silicon Valley in the urban fabric of Venice, or if Austin looked like Paris…

The entrepreneurs and creatives at each skill level (from rookie to A to AA to AAA to the majors) would have a multitude of casual venues to meet and discuss ideas and deals. People would be meeting at just about any hour of the day, all within walking distance from one another. There’d be spontaneous meetings at popular neighborhood cafes and bars. If the Univ. of MD Hinman CEO living/learning center is any indication, this would literally be a town that never sleeps.

Or another way to look at it, since informal learning is key to job creation: The EDS is “human community software” designed to maximize social capital. A CoolTown is “human community hardware” designed to maximize social capital. The result is growing wave of economic and emotional prosperity.

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