Best College Towns: Chapel Hill NC

What makes Chapel Hill one of the most desired college towns for UNC’s 25K students? In the words of the students themselves…

“On any given night you can find a hang-out on Franklin Street.”
“Franklin Street boasts an impressive string of bars and restaurants ranging from Players, the college meat market, to the Dead Mule, a members only bar that caters to the slightly older set who won’t get drunk and rowdy. BW-3 runs NTN trivia and is always a great place for a tall beer and a snack.”

“The town also has a rich artistic offering, with a steady stream of theater offerings, a pottery shop, and the Carrboro Arts Center. Truly there is something here for everyone, not just for the partiers looking to go out and get hammered on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.”

“The bus system in Chapel Hill is nice. I went through 4 years without a car and was able to get most places by the bus. If the bus did not run to a place you needed to be in Chapel Hill they had a shuttle service that would transport you there. I actually had to use this and there was no extra cost and it was fast and efficient.”

It was all very affordable and I always felt safe.

The Bottom Line
“Anyone can thrive socially at this school.”

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