Best College Towns: Charlottesville VA

What makes Charlottesville the place to be for University of Virginia’s 22K students?

[b]Unique entertainment[/b] – Fridays after 5 – A heavily-attended, extremely popular 24-week long event held in the Downtown Amphitheater, attracting over 150,000 people to the Downtown Mall each season. It started off as a small gathering over 8 weeks at a makeshift stage.
– The Annual Downtown Blues Festival
– Court Days, the semi-annual downtown arts & crafts festival

– “The transportation downtown is enjoyable as well. modernized trolleys can be seen driving all over the city, and riding on one almost makes you feel as if you were on the older trolleys of days gone by. It’s a great way to tour parts of the city, and free.”
– “If you make it in the fall, apple cider is like affordable gold!”
– “Aside from wealthy residents and visitors, vegetarians and enviromentalists can enjoy a great time without going broke.”

Overall uniqueness
“Food is great here. One of the great places to go eat near the University is the Corner District. There, you’ll find different restaurants and coffee shops all within a student’s budget. One of my favorites is a shop right in the Corner District that combines a coffee bar and a make-your-own-pizza shop. Have never tried pizza with a chai latte before, but I’d do it any time.”

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