More pedestrians, less cars

More pedestrians, less cars

A spontaneous crowd of pedestrians often generates excitement. A spontaneous crowd of automobiles often generates road rage.

CoolTowns are about creating destinations for pedestrians, planned and unplanned. However, how is that possible in such an auto-dominated landscape? The primary solution is best stated by the CEO of Ford Motor Company, in yesterday’s blog – live in the city.

The next best thing is to share. Car sharing, which Ford also sees as the future, is catching on, especially in creative class-oriented places. Studies show that one shared car (see car sharing programs here) can replace anywhere from 6 to 22 privately-owned cars.

Considering that AAA states that the cost of ownership for a new car is $8431/year – that’s a lot more home (and quality of life) you can buy into instead, along with a lot less stress.

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