Virginia takes lead in car sharing

What would a car sharing program in a CoolTown be like? For a hint of the future, check out Arlington County, Virginia’s car sharing pilot program.

– There weren’t enough shared cars available, so the County provided 20 spaces that allowed car sharing companies to add that many cars.

– Car sharing spaces are often hard to find, so the county made them extremely visible, with noticable signage (see image*) in premium spots (near subway stops, town centers.)

– Commuters were less likely to try the program because of $35 membership fees, so the County waived them for commuters.

– Not many people knew about the program, so the County uses one of their nine dedicated ‘commuter evangelists’ to educate corporations and large condo/apartment residences.

In the Spring, they’ll evaluate (see entry on their evaluation here) and look to expand upon the program’s anticipated success.

*Source: Arlington County Commuter Page

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