Give me informality or give me death

Nation’s Building News: Vanilla Not a Favorite Flavor of Generation X Home Buyers

What else does the report say, in addition to yesterday’s blog?

A lot of it comes down to affordability and being informality, both of which are related as well.

Informality: Xers are attracted to places where spontaneous, casual conversation occurs. These are the well-designed parks, squares, plazas and third places. The dining table as the communal table is making its way back not only in the home but in commercial establishments. “Come see my china collection” is being replaced with “Help yourself to the fridge.” Suburbia is seen as too regimented – homogenous and uninteresting – like a formal business meeting. They want their kids to be able to explore and have informal adventures as well.

Affordability: Neighborhoods that are on the edge, but on the rise is the best source for affordable buildings. This can be either neglected city neighborhoods, or neglected small towns – waiting for just a bit of youthful enthusiasm to waken it from its daily doldrums.

Here’s a summary of what’s hot, what’s not, from the article:
– inclusive rather than exclusive and that include a mix of people;
– schools that are located in the heart of the community rather than at its edge
– a shopping environment that is more than utilitarian, providing experiences
– designs that are conducive to living instead of entertaining
– less square footage with more detail
– environmental stewardship over views
– human values over property values

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