The 5-town CoolTown tour

Over the next five weeks, CoolTown Studios will be visiting five of the coolest towns in the North and Midwest in order to help shape the vision of future towns in the same area. Which ones should they be?

Cambridge, Massachusetts – The 23rd largest economy in the world and host to Harvard and MIT, this direct neighbor to Boston has long been a mecca of nightlife, culture and entrepreneurship.

Athens, Georgia – The near legendary destination often described as the ultimate college town.

Madison, Wisconsin An annual contender for the #1 spot in “best place to live” in various magazines, and one of the most walkable towns in the U.S.

Burlington, Vermont The best college town under 50,000 people? Is it a coincidence that national successes like Ben & Jerry’s and Phish come from such a tiny locale?

Ann Arbor, Michigan – Home to Univ. of Michigan, and often referred to as one of the top college towns in the country.

Here are more:

Boulder, Colorado? Topping the list of Business 2.0’s Next Small Town Boomtown, Boulder is an outdoor recreation and nightlife mecca.

Austin, Texas
Seattle, Washington
Greenwich Village NY
Charlottesville, Virginia
Chapel Hill NC
Iowa City (and Fairfield) Iowa
Ft Collins, Colorado

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