The modern office park?

The people in the image are the employees of a company in the UK’s Cambridge, just north of London. Seems to be no rush to get home…

The current workforce generation is fed up with the 12-hour work day – essentially leaving for work at 7 am and getting home at 7 pm because of traffic. Smart companies like Patagonia are quickly realizing this and locating offices in the downtown where convenient access to mass transit can literally shorten the work day, while immersed in an entertainment and leisure scene that can lengthen the nightlife experience.

Also, with an emphasis on creating truly wonderful places to be in, employers will find their employees staying at the workplace longer, even inviting their friends and spouses to the workplace after hours! Of course, it helps to have a place like in the picture above. Just as important for employers, they’ll find more talent willing to work for them without crippling salary demands.

Image source: Nicely Toasted

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