Madison’s leaders help set the standard

In continuing yesterday’s experience with Madison’s fervent belief that the car takes a back seat…

It should be no surprise that Madison’s leadership is there. This morning I saw Mayor David Cieslewicz advocating on behalf of Madison’s 2nd Annual Car Free Day, in connection with World Car Free Day.

He mentioned he was able to avoid using his car all but twice during the first two weeks of the challenge. He also encouraged Madison to step up its efforts, as China’s impending demand on auto usage is sure to raise prices and hurt Madison’s economy into greater import dependence.

… and it’s not that the Mayor is an anomaly. County Executive Kathy Falk talked about how she’s walked to work for 20 years, and Susan Schmitz of Downtown Madison Inc. was dressed in bike togs, having pedaled the 7 miles from her West Side home.

The unique twist was when nearby Evansville’s Mayor Janis Ringhand made an appearance to challenge Mayor Dave and Madison as to which town could reduce car usage more.

The point is, these are not political campaigns, but the way of life in Madison. Very progressive… and fun.

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