Is this a bar, cafe or restaurant?

All of the above. This is ‘Clocks’ in Athens, GA.

We’re become a lot more acclimated to diversity and choice – we’re seeing mixed housing, retail and office in our communities, and even in the same building. This trend is continuing down to single venues within buildings, and people like it. Why only recently? We now have more access to knowledge, and that means it’s no longer considered crazy to run both a bookstore and a restaurant in the same venue.

Or a bar and a restaurant. Or a coffeehouse by day and a bar lounge by night… a bookstore cafe, a bar & grill, a cafe with live music, or even a theater with films, live bands and local performances.

This adds up to more revenue for the business owner and closer to a 24-hour environment for the patrons. In safety terms, it means fewer abandoned streets during the day or night, which is a good reason why Athens has such a safe downtown, a rather entertaining one at that.

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