Burlington – Best of the big city and small town

If it wasn’t for the unrelenting, frigid winters, Burlington would be too popular for its own good.

We met with Erik, Peter, Elizabeth, Walker, John, Michele and James, and you can read about their thoughts throughout the next few blogs. One things that stood out was that they were unanimous in saying that living in Burlington is a great place to meet people (and interesting ones at that) – if you meet one person, you’ll meet dozens more, and dozens of their friends. I ran into three people on the street I had just met the previous day.

Radio Bean, by the way, (image) is a coffeehouse bar lounge with live music, founded a few years ago by a guy with only a credit card, a good network of friends to populate his place, and a good dose of budget-oriented creativity – see the wine rack/bed frame? He’s still working on establishing that radio broadcast. It’s now one of the most popular spots in Burlington, and it’s not even in the town center. Of course, if you’re a regular to the blog, you’d know that’s not a coincidence.

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