Convertible housing in Seattle?

A lot of us enjoy driving or riding in a convertible, feeling the open air rather than being enclosed at all times. Well, there’s a place in Seattle where one can own their own one-of-a-kind convertible… home.

Each of the residences in these Seattle lofts has a garage door (literally) that opens up to the outdoors. Sales agents say the feature has been a huge hit with buyers, and for good reason. The blog from a few days ago mentioned how popular outdoor seating with cafes and coffeehouses, especially if they open up completely to the street as they often do in Paris. Why not one’s home?… and with a great view of the city to boot?

That’s not the only innovative feature this building has that’s related to cars. It actually has a parking system on the ground floor that stacks automobiles, as illustrated here. So, you can own a convertible any way you want it.

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