BRT: Boldly going where no car or train has gone before

The mass customization economy has recently produced a new vehicle that travels freely and speedily on dedicated pathways like trains, yet can navigate through traffic like a car to get you more specifically to your destination. Not only that, it signals traffic lights up ahead to turn green as it approaches.

The 21st century version of bus rapid transit (BRT) began running June 30th, 2004. Yes that’s a bus you’re looking at… and yes it’s in Vegas, but that’s the luxury of having more tax revenue than most municipalities dream of – to provide prototypes for the have-nots to take advantage of down the road. Why didn’t it come sooner? The technology didn’t exist, such as sensors that automate the bus on the dedicated lanes and when approaching stations, as well as synchronize the traffic lights ahead for non-stop travel.

Watching the video of this new hybrid-electric form of mobility makes one wish all the buses in town were this quiet, and this cool.

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