Cool in 1924, cool again in 2004

Can you believe they were thinking of razing this building? It’s a good thing it’s in DC. If it were in Detroit, it’d probably be gone. That’s not a slam on Detroit, that’s an all-too-well-known fact.

Built in 1924 as a 2500-seat grand theater, the Tivoli was left for dead after the 1968 riots, which pretty much left most city downtowns in the same condition until recently. This is why diversity is good not only for social well-being, but the economy as well.

Revitalized and re-opened in 2004, it is now a 250-seat Latino theater anchoring a number of retail venues. Unfortunately, the stores are mainly national chains that won’t add much to local culture or the local economy as independents would, but at least they saved the building and did a great job of it as well. That in itself is something the neighborhood should be thankful for.

Read more in this Washington Post article (expires Jan. 22).

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