More hot trends for 2005

In continuation of yesterday’s blog and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Hot Trends for 2005, a look at what’s hot in the economy and culture, and how it applies to CoolTowns…

Third places. Yep, CoolTowns are full of third places, and there’s an entire section of this site dedicated to them. The article focuses on corporate examples like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and even McD’s and Coca-Cola, but we know it’s the unique local ones that most people like hanging out at.

Obesity. While there’s a vastly growing entrepreneurial market of healthier food and clothing profiting from this sensitive issue, it’s those who move out of the auto-oriented burbs and into walkable towns that discover real results.

Uniqueness. Living in a cookie cutter home in a cookie cutter neighborhood is no longer just uncool, it’s unacceptable. Aka mass customization from the business point of view, this economic evolution has its own category on this site as well. Uniqueness is about vitality – people want their soul back.

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