Call for CoolTown innovations…

A little over a year and a half ago I explained in this blog entry what a CoolTown really is – it’s the collective answer of the local area’s most innovative, entrepreneurial, active people to the question: “So, what kind of town do you think is cool?”

It’s time to hear from you all out there, or at least some of the 5000 regular/repeat visitors from last month. For this site to work and really help make a difference to build the kinds of communities you know you want, but don’t see locally, you need to, well, let us know. Please email me (link on right) images (ideal!), articles or mentions (click on comment below) of specific city/town neighborhoods/streets/venues you’ve been to that you feel should be covered here.

This will make a direct difference. Remember, we’re responsible for identifying progressive urban infill/rehab projects for investment of $2-$5 million at a time. Click here for more details.

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