The evolution to authenticity

The best-selling, award-winning books, The Experience Economy and Mass Customization (this site has an entire category on the latter, and should on the former), explain better than any others, the economic evolution that will inevitably lead to more, ever increasingly cool towns. So it was great to hear from one of the books’ authors (Joe Pine) when he called to let us know that their next book is due in the Fall of 2007, on authenticity.

The authors’ premise? Authenticity is anything not monetary, mechanical or ‘manufactured’. Kinda leaves businesses out doesn’t it? On the other hand, consumers have created their own, adjusted definition of authenticity when it comes to business – that which is associated with money, machines or being manufactured, but not perceived as artificial or fake. Thus, the authors’ goal: “Getting customers to perceive your inherently inauthentic offerings as undeniably authentic.”

Read more in their newletter associated with their annual conference.

Tune in tomorrow to see how authenticity is helping towns thrive economically and socially.

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