So what does a legislated city plan look like?

The results of the planning process described in the previous blog below are transformed into a city code or ordinance, usually in hundreds of pages of legalese. Like how Apple evolved command lines into graphical user interfaces, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company has done the same for these piles of text, turning them into just a handful of graphic-based codes – SmartCodes, although it could still be less car-oriented. The code is based on the underlying structure of the transect (see image) that helps ensure cities don’t get surburbanized by distinctly defining urban from suburban from rural. CoolTowns are most often in the ‘T5’ range, sometimes in the ‘T6’ (Manhattan) and ‘T4’ (Athens, GA).

Your city can obtain a SmartCode license through the Municipal Code Corporation, then have it customized with the help of a group like PlaceMakers, LLC. If you want something built based on the code, you may want to contact us and look over our investment section.

The entries following this one take a closer look at this form-based code…

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