The Design Economy

More than ever, the focus on growing a vibrant economy is on design.

In a globalizing economy based on mass production and commoditization, the business of design is more than ever the path to productivity and profit, not to mention a sense of soul. What elements does this design economy entail? Fast Company magazine provides a look:

Be project-based: Aka the hollywood model, creativity thrives when there’s a finite beginning and end (like movies, and the design and construction of Prospect (image) in Colorado), rather than what becomes a bureaucracy.

Mobilize around customers: This is the whole beta community process – to let the customers help design the products that they want and need. With towns, that starts with a beta community.

Provide rapid prototyping: This is related to the previous point, except that ongoing actual products or designs are provided for real-time feedback.

Think ‘abductively’: “Suggesting that something may be and reaching out to explore it” – as is mentioned Apple did with the iPod. This again applies to the previous points, but is the fundamental building block of building successful new businesses… and the kinds of places that will turn us on.

How have you seen design influence your life? Please comment below…

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